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Stress can be a killer.  Anxiety, depression, insomnia, relationship problems, not being able to make decisions, drinking too much, popping a pill to take the edge off – all are symptoms of a dangerous stress level and if left untreated, can lead to very serious health conditions.  For the successful, high-profile individual whose reputation, corporate and professional standing, contractual obligations, responsibilities, and overall privacy matters, there is no more confidential treatment available than the executive wellness program offered at Privé-Swiss.  Located in the beautiful, bucolic villages of Salisbury and Essex, Connecticut, the Privé-Swiss executive wellness retreats have proven to be the “go to” choice of the East Coast’s power elite seeking the highest quality, most private treatment experience available. 

Offering individual, confidentially sequestered mental health and executive wellness programming in the most exclusive areas in Southern California, and now New England,  Privé-Swiss has attained worldwide stature serving the sophisticated client who has very specific, private, personal needs for professional enhancement,  physical and mental wellness recovery.

Privé-Swiss came about from many years of research on what works best for the high-profile, very successful individual – the “super achiever.”  It is a powerful blending/integration of the latest European clinical practices, time-honored Eastern mind-body therapies and world-renowned American psychological treatment techniques.  All presented with the goal of providing the most impactful, powerful treatment experience in the shortest amount of time.  We only work with individuals who are used to the best and who want to “get in, get it done, and get out”!

Built around the knowledge attained by its principal Heidi Kunzli, a pioneer in the boutique, private rehab industry, Kunzli's extensive research into the high-end clinics of Switzerland provided her with keen insight into the programming needs of those patrons' whose prestige and reputations could ill-afford the publicity associated with traditional treatment programs.

“We only serve one client at a time. It doesn‘t get any more private than that!" offered Kunzli. “We deliver on our promise of sequestered one-on-one quality care, and we minister to each person using an evidence-based, truly person-centered approach."   Privé-Swiss boasts a world-class team of physicians, therapists, coaches, nutritionists, chefs, counselors, and personal assistants who ensure the most sophisticated, personalized and technically superior level of care. 

Although operating for the past 10 years on the west coast, there was nothing like this program on the east coast.  Combining ultra-privacy with a treatment team that has been together from the very start – all with only one goal in mind – to assist the high functioning, successful individual in regaining and maintaining optimum health!

Privé-Swiss is not a pretentious facility, as one might picture it. It is a visionary clinical/holistic retreat, the incarnation of a Swiss woman’s dream to realize the most effective, most intelligent, and most impeccable treatment program in the world.  Says Ms. Kunzli, “It’s easy to put together a cookie-cutter rehab program in a monster-sized mansion where glitz and bells and whistles prevail.  At Privé-Swiss I wanted to create a rarified healing environment, which closely resembled the comfortable surroundings in which our clients reside, but the aim is not to be a ‘luxury rehab’ at all!  Our goal is to provide a spectacular and luxurious experience – the finest of service, proven stress-reduction and mental health treatments, and all-around superior private care.”

The array of extraordinary services is intended to provide all you need but not to overwhelm.  The client’s status is recognized and honored.  The elegance is in the Swiss tradition – understated and personalized, while the level of service is “five-star,” of a quality rarely seen these days in even fine hotels.  According to Kunzli, “We assist our clients in uncovering and re-discovering who they really are. We provide them with the tools and guidance to maximize their potential and truly thrive in their lives.”  The Privé-Swiss idea is that clients finish out their program feeling pampered and cared for, but more importantly, transformed and with a strategy, a life-map, for continued success in whatever they do. 


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