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Privé-Swiss offers the only private, clinical-holistic, luxury retreat program in the United States—created to serve the specific needs and treatment goals of successful, high-functioning individuals struggling with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, trauma and addiction. Our private retreat programs serve those individuals who do not require psychiatric inpatient care but seek more clinical/mental health services than a spa would provide.

Founder Heidi Kunzli brings her reputation and many years of experience as a pioneer in the “private rehab” industry to this exclusive program. Founder and director of the former world-class Beau Monde Transformational Recovery and Executive Renewal residential programs based in Newport Beach, California, Heidi’s dedication to the highest level of quality and service excellence has helped clients achieve and sustain lifelong recovery. Beau Monde, founded in 2001 and modeled after the super-private Swiss clinic, quickly became an international success, expanding to seven exclusive locations in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach and the Hollywood Hills (Laurel Canyon Recovery Center) in California. After years of requests and suggestions from former clients and colleagues, Heidi ventured into new treatment territory and created the ultra-private Privé-Swiss program in 2008.

Privé-Swiss is based on Heidi’s belief that “recovery” from mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse or trauma should not be one of self-limitation, but rather one of self-expansion. She believes that someone experiencing mental health challenges should not be “kept down” and treated as “sick”, but should be looked at as an opportunity to delve deeper into oneself to uncover and re-discover strengths, passions and new ways of being — and thriving – in the world. This is why, in addition to our highly acclaimed clinical mental health care, Privé-Swiss helps each client rediscover and strengthen their true, authentic self to get back on a path of purpose, power and life fulfillment. Our holistic approach is based on the belief that all individuals have the capacity for self-healing. People do recover from depression, anxiety, trauma, addictions and other mental health challenges – and many come through the healing process stronger than ever!

Privé-Swiss is incomparable when it comes to clinical excellence, exceptional quality of care, comfort, privacy, individual attention and lasting success. No sitting in groups all day! Every moment and every penny you spend at Privé-Swiss is devoted totally and completely to you and your recovery. The unparalleled Privé-Swiss integrated team of  physicians, therapists, coaches, counselors, companions and personal assistants ensure the most sophisticated and meticulous level of care.  Situated on the CT shoreline, clients have access to an incredible variety of seasoned professionals throughout the area.

Our reputation is built on our dedication to help individuals restore mental and emotional health – and to recover from depression, anxiety, trauma and addiction. There is no compromise. It is about the Individual and his or her unique needs and treatment goals. Recovery is a life altering, deeply personal experience which is central to the Privé-Swiss model of care.

All programs totally customized to your unique needs. Call 800-866-2948 or 323-697-7278 for a confidential consultation, or email info@priveswiss.com.

Please note this is not a psychiatric inpatient program nor alcohol/drug detox/rehab facility.  All clinical services are provided by highly experienced, licensed healthcare professionals practicing throughout the community who work together as a Team to assist our clients in achieving their treatment goals.  Clients receive services throughout the shoreline and are able to return to private accommodations to relax and restore in total privacy and comfort.

All services are private pay only – insurance not accepted – a Superbill and support can be available for submission for reimbursement if desired.


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