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Post-Pandemic Recovery & Renewal Wellness Program

Next 2-Week Session Starting August, 2021!   Reserve your spot NOW as space is limited.

The Privé-Swiss Post-Pandemic Recovery & Renewal Wellness Program is a 2-week program for individuals struggling with burnout, stress, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, grief, a breakdown in physical health, and other life challenges brought on or exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Those participating in this targeted program do not require psychiatrist/medication services nor the level of care requiring inpatient or 24/7 residential treatment.

Privé-Swiss Post-Pandemic Recovery & Renewal Wellness Program clients arrange their own local accommodations (incredible historic Inns, B&B’s and resort accommodations – walking distance and nearby) and breakfast & dinner, and participate in a full 7-day a week, 2-week structured treatment program scheduled at our luxury Wellness Center.

This 2-week impactful integrative/holistic program is presented by the exact same Privé-Swiss Team of outstanding, seasoned professionals who work with our exclusive, private Retreat clients and in private practices.     Note that this is not a “spa” program – it is for individuals impacted by the pandemic environment who are motivated to do an intensive, multidimensional wellness program with a highly experienced clinical/holistic team of professionals.   This program is NOT suitable for individuals struggling with substance abuse/addictions or who require psychiatric care/medication management. (See our other programs for this higher level of care).

Below are program components included in the 2-week Privé-Swiss Post-Pandemic Recovery & Renewal Wellness Program:

Many additional holistic/complimentary services, including Vitamin Injections and IV Infusion Therapy can be arranged through our Wellness Center  – inquire!  Exclusive, private MedSpa services also available for a truly “whole person” wellness experience!

A 2-week minimum program is required – space is limited

Cost:   Post-Pandemic Recovery & Renewal Wellness Program      $24,000 for 2-week program


Client responsible for accommodations, breakfast & dinner meals.  No medical or psychiatric services are included in this program.  Individuals with substance abuse/psychiatric conditions are not appropriate for this program.  (Please see our Psychological/Emotional Treatment Program for our residential treatment offerings).

The Privé-Swiss program is Private Pay Only – we do not accept nor work with any insurance nor any other 3rd party.

All services are private pay only – insurance not accepted.  Please note this is not a psychiatric inpatient program nor alcohol/drug detox/rehab.  All clinical services are provided by highly experienced, licensed healthcare professionals practicing throughout the community who work together as a Team to assist our clients in achieving their treatment goals.

Note: payment in FULL is required prior to admission to the program and is nonrefundable.

Call  800-866-2948  or 323-697-7278                  info@prive-swiss.com


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