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Privé Swiss Bayside Mental Health Programs

Privé Wellness Retreat

The Privé Wellness Retreat Experience – An Invitation for Personal Exploration

Designed for those individuals needing a retreat from high profile, and “always on” lifestyles, where restoration, relaxation, rejuvenation and an overall “recharge” are the focus.   A “whole-person” approach integrating clinical, holistic, fitness and nutrition for an impactful overall wellness experience.

All programming and services are one-on-one and customized specifically for each individual client’s unique needs and program goals.

All Private – All the Time Privé Wellness Retreat components may include:

Cost:    Inquire

2-4 Week Stay

Visit Privé Swiss Wellness and Privé Swiss Fitness

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All services are private pay only – insurance not accepted – a Superbill and support can be available for submission for reimbursement if desired.  Please note this is not a psychiatric inpatient program nor alcohol/drug detox/rehab facility.  All clinical services are provided by highly experienced, licensed healthcare professionals practicing throughout the community who work together as a Team to assist our clients in achieving their treatment goals.  Clients receive services throughout the shoreline, and at our luxury wellness center, fitness and pilates studio,  and are able to return to private accommodations to relax and restore in total privacy and supreme comfort.

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